Tuesday, 26 August 2014


The Annual Exhibition was opened by Mr Yuji Furukawa a Consul from the office of the Consul General to Victoria

Below are photos of most of the exhibition works made by members of the five schools represented by the Melbourne Chapter of Ikebana International.

The first photo (above) is of work by 
Kaye Wong and Kim Louey.

Yoshie Arai

Diana Zattra

Pascal Tremblay

Chieko Yazaki

Dimitee Hogg

Emily Karanikolopoulos

Helen Novic

Elizabeth Angell

Robyn Unglik

Yukako Braun

Lorranie Langley

Qui Nguyen

Shogetsudo Koryu School combined 

Marjorie Campkin-Smith

Marilyn Woodland

Margaret Wilson

Lee Johnstone

Philip Keon

Theresa Feile

Helen Gray

Ichiyo School Kaye Wong and Kim Louey

Yukako Braun

 Daitin Kid Ching Ong

Tomoko Yamada

Eiko Roskam

Keiko Watanabe

 Children's workshop conducted by Lara Telford and Beverley Webster.

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